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Presupposition and Implicature: From Theory to Experiments


31 août-1 septembre 2023

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Responsable de l'activité

Genoveva Puskas


M. David Blunier, UNIGE

Prof. Genoveva Puskàs, UNIGE


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The past two decades have seen an ever-increasing interest to the application of experimental methods to theoretical issues standing at the interface between semantics and pragmatics, ranging from the (non-)grammaticality of scalar implicatures (Breheny et al. 2005; Geurts & Pouscoulous 2009; Chemla & Spector 2011; Marty & Chemla 2013; Benz & Gotzner 2014), the distinction between primary and secondary implicatures (Dieuleveut, Chemla & Spector 2019), presupposition and anti-presupposition effects (Renans et al. 2017; Bade & Schwarz 2019, 2021), alternative-based inferences (Bade et al. 2022) and free choice inferences (Tieu et al. 2019), among others. More generally, it is now a fact that experimentally-grounded reasearch is becoming a standard within the field, regardless of one's theoretical inclinations.

The present school is meant to create a unique opportunity for PhD students and collaborators alike to meet and learn from scholars whose works have provided numerous advances in the field of experimental semantics and pragmatics. It will consist in both theoretical and pratical sessions. The theoretical part will to provide the audience with the general linguistic and methodological background required to perform experiments on meaning-related issues. The practical part will consist in hands-on workshops, during which participants will be asked to design (and, in the aftermath, run) experiments about a topic of their choice related to those discussed beforehand.


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