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Implementing and Analyzing Experiments in PsychoPy and R


November 22, 2024

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LiRI (state-of-the-art technology platform for linguistic researchers), Universität Zürich (

Baptiste Bersier, Universität Bern (supervised by Prof. Sandrine Zufferey, Universität Bern)


Dr. Sandra Schwab, LiRI & Universität Zürich

Dr. Andrew Clark, LiRI & Universität Zürich


Experimental methods are increasingly used in the field of linguistics and language sciences. They are highly advantageous, as they facilitate the implementation of well-controlled studies with accurate measurements. However, their use requires specialized knowledge and skills in experimental design and statistical analysis. Researchers in language sciences must also acquire proficiency in using software such as PsychoPy to present stimuli with accurate timing and collect responses. PsychoPy allows for effective and easy implementation of a variety of experimental designs allowing you to apply the skills learned in this workshop to your own research.

The objective of this course is threefold:

  • Provide a general introduction to experimental methods in order to provide the theoretical foundation to build suitable perception experiments
  • Teach how to use PsychoPy and implement a speech perception experiment (i.e., auditory lexical decision task)
  • Introduce the skills necessary for statistical analyses of the results of perception experiments

9:00–10:30: Experimental methods in language sciences

10:30–10:45: Coffee break (on site)

10:45–12:15: How to use PsychoPy and implement a perception experiment I

12:15–13:45: Lunch (on site)

13:45–15:00: How to use PsychoPy and implement a perception experiment II

15:00–15:15: Coffee break (on site)

15:30–17:00: Data analysis


Universität Bern



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