Social Criticism of Literary translation through Crowdsourcing: An Audience Reception Study on Biblical Metaphors in Isaiah and Paradise Lost Translated from English into Standard and Tunisian Arabic

Auteur Imen OUERTANI
Directeur /trice Mrs. Sonia Asmahène Halimi, Unité d'arabe, FTI, UNIGE
Co-directeur(s) /trice(s)
Résumé de la thèse My research draws upon translation studies, sociolinguistics, cross-cultural studies, reception theory and cognitive linguistics. It attempts to analyse cultural otherness in biblical metaphors use in literary translation, namely cognitive and socio-cultural differences relative to metaphors used in everyday language to conceptualize ‘God’, ‘sin’ and ‘salvation’, and the impact of otherness on the translator’s decision-making and the reception of a translated product by a certain target readership. The metaphorical comparison will be conducted between English and Arabic. The objective of my research is to analyse the socio-cultural universality and variation in the metaphorical conceptualization of ‘God’, ‘sin’ and ‘salvation’ between English, standard Arabic and the Tunisian dialect in biblical literature, namely in the epic poem of John Milton entitled Paradise Lost and in The Book of Isaiah in the Old Testament of The Bible. My study also focuses on the impact of conceptualization universality and conceptualization variation on the comprehension, translation and reception of these biblical metaphors translated into the Tunisian dialect by Tunisian Facebook users.
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